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April 5, 2007 at 2:00 am Leave a comment

Pots - NicaraguaI travel a fair bit and I must say I have a love/hate relationship with the whole travelling thing. I always look forward to the idea of visiting or working in another country; but the reality soon hits me – queques in immigration; squashed seats in “cattle class” (very rarely do I get the luxury of business class!); jet lag; fellow grumpy passengers etc.

So I’ve always thought of myself as a travelling nomad but was pleased to read that maybe I’m part of a ‘travelling tribe’. Henley Centre HeadLight Vision and Amadeus have just released a report – Future Traveller Tribes 2020– which shows a segmentation of travellers into communities or tribes.

Four tribes, which will emerge in the next 10 to 15 years, are identified:

Global Executives: an elite community of executives who want a private jet travelling experience. This tribe is from emerging global market economies – Brazil, Russia, India and China (or the so-called BRIC brigade).

Active Seniors: a future post will talk about sustainability trends, one of which will be the growing demands of the Baby Boomer generation who aren’t about to retire quietly. This tribe is cashed-up, healthy people between 50-75 yrs (since when did 50 yrs qualify as ‘senior’??) who will seek out adventure holidays.

Cosmopolitan commuters: mmmm…maybe this is my tribe. These are people who live in one city but “commute” by air to work in another city.

Global clans: as people increasingly live and work in far flung parts of the world, this tribe will consist of friends and relatives who visit globally dispersed loved ones.

What’s really interesting is how social software will be used to connect global migrants and travellers. The ‘humanisation’ of technology will allow the personalisation of the travel experience including SIM card identification; RFID for travellers and their baggage; humanoid check-in kiosks; mobile travel updates; digital concierges; personalised destination information; virtual walk-throughs of airports before you get there.

Now…if we could just say ‘Beam Me Up Scotty” and be transported instantly to where we want to go, I’d be in favour of that!


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