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May 18, 2007 at 3:00 am Leave a comment

photo taken by Kim in NicaraguaYep, it definitely must be a full moon! in a recent post, I looked at Conservapedia, which is setting itself up against Wikipedia. Poor old Wikipedia is being pummelled yet again and this time is being accused of “Jewish bias”. The “accuser” is Bill White from Roanoke, Virginia, USA and Commander of the American National Socialist Workers’ Party (look up in the sky now to see that full moon!). On White’s Overthrow Blog (not quite sure who or what he’s trying to overthrow), White launches himself into a long rant against Wikipedia, with specific instructions on “How to destroy Wikipedia”.

Now, I sometimes mutter unkind words when reading Wikipedia entries and have talked before about accuracy and transparency issues with Wikipedia, but in the spirit of esprit de corps that Wikipedia exemplifies, I wouldn’t want to see anyone intentionally trying to destroy it. White claims he has found a vulnerability in the Wikipedia software – wireless devices, which don’t have fixed IP addresses. So he reckons Wikipedia cannot ban the IPs without inconveniencing huge numbers of people on an open network. As a test, White openly vandalised some prominent Wikipedia entries. It took around 8 minutes for Wikipedia to ban the IP address White was using and by this time he’d moved onto another IP address. Through some cunning mathematical calculations, White (who bills himself as the “real and original Bill White”) reckons that one crafty user who moves around a whole lot could wreak “355 days’ worth of vandalism for every 400 square miles of territory in the United States’ 3.5 million sq miles, or 8750 years’ worth of vandalism in the US alone per wireless provider“.

Really, does White have nothing better to do? I presume from his blog he’s some sort of “White Supremacist” – didn’t we leave his type of racist attitudes behind with the 1960s?? If he so strongly believes that Wikipedia is full of “Jewish bias”, then why not engage with Wikipedia by providing quality, non-biased and accurate content? but alas, White reckons he’s tried this and has been banned from Wikipedia “for a long time” – wow, wonder why?


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