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May 19, 2007 at 3:45 am Leave a comment

Lavender fields FranceScientists have embraced social networks with the launch of the global online community, NatureNetwork. It’s still in beta version but is showing all the signs of experiencing organic growth. Nature Network (NN) has around 1800 registered users and when NN was launched back in February 2007, it had 400. NN has about 100,000 pages of content and a brief scan of NN’s tag cloud shows the topics currently occupying scientists’ minds.

The site features a Global Forums area where scientists are sharing what blogs or other material they read; the Global Groups area features recently active groups such as the stem cell research group and the NN Newcomers Group; active and new members are highlighted; and the Global Blogs area features some of the top science blogs and again, it’s interesting to see the tag cloud associated with science blogs (found a couple of funky ones to add to my RSS feeds, particularly the Climate Change Blog). Boston and London seem to be the most active communities and I found this article on scientists mapping the brain very interesting. Not to mention this article on astronomers probing space for Earth-like planets.

Great to see scientists embracing social networks. Believe me, you can get lost in NN for hours.


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