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June 15, 2007 at 3:00 am 2 comments

Photo by LalidaNo, I’m not about to launch myself into a post on that ridiculous Data – Information – Knowledge – Wisdom pyramid/linear model that knowledge management practitioners have been subjected to over the years. I’m going to tell you about (yet another) new social networking site – (I can spell, they can’t!).

As far as I can tell, is quite different from Facebook, which primarily brings people together based on school affiliation. Nor is it like MySpace or LinkedIn, which revolve around connecting with friends, posting sexy photos of yourself, or seeking employment opportunities. These types of sites, as good as they are, play to the narcissists and voyeurs amongst us. seems to be more about seeking and sharing information, with touches of humour interlaced throughout the conversations coursing through the site. I sometimes find sites like Facebook and MySpace a bit daunting – I feel the pressure of having to be seen to have a wide network of friends. If you don’t have tons of virtual friends, does that make you a cyberspace loser or loner?! I only have two friends on MySpace and no signs of other people courting me. So I feel I’ll have far more success with as it’s not about inviting friends and building up a network. Taking the plunge, I became lost in for hours – this site is about what you know; not who you know. Although I did note an Invite Friends icon, it’s not the raison d’etre of the site.

So what sorts of questions are people asking? they range from the vacuous Is Data (on Star Trek TNG) gay?; to the somewhat philosophical: Are we accountable for our actions? Some questions resonated with me: Is Western culture starting to decline? Does the overflow of information compromise knowledge? Is there a limit to human knowledge? It seems you need to ask a closed question that prompts a yes or no response, but you can also engage in debate with like-minded people.

“ is an entirely different animal than any other social media company,says Martin Clifford, founder and CEO of and a Web 1.0 entrepreneur. “People want answers, and they want thoughtful interaction around the questions they have. brings this learning element to the concept of social networking. As people outgrow popularity-based networks, we’re giving them something more – a place to engage around asking, sharing, growing and learning.” Basically, it’s the wisdom of crowds that influences the questions that are asked, with the most popular questions appearing on the home page. As you answer questions, assigns you points and matches you with other users who answer similar questions.

Seems I don’t have to worry about making friends anymore, but I do have to rustle up some inquisitive or witty questions! The name for the site is clever; and so is it’s tag line: “Question Everything”. It’s a young site but maybe it will pique people’s curiosity and develop into a site where real debate and rich conversation takes place. We’ll see.


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