Microsoft wants your brain

October 23, 2007 at 3:00 am Leave a comment

Photo from mindhacks.comMicrosoft has great plans – to read your mind to be exact. For the lawyers amongst us, you can read Microsoft’s patent application here on the United States Patent & Trademark site. The patent application is for “Using electroencephalograph signals for task classification and activity recognition”. The real title should be “Microsoft’s mind reading gadget to find out how you interact with computers and at the same time suck your brains”.

Mmmm….okay Microsoft think that if you interview users to find out how they use and think about computers they get distracted and may not give reliable answers. So Microsoft is getting crafty – their patent is for using electroenceplahograph or EEGs to record electrical signals in the brain. I thought that EEG was already patented? Anyway, the problem with EEGs is that involuntary actions like blinking or sweaty palms can interfere with the accuracy of readings. So the patent outlines their ideas for filtering EEG signals so they’ll end up with useful stuff that feeds back into user interface design.

Well, I’m sure not letting them anywhere near me with their mind reading, sucking the brains out of people wizardry! Google is bad enough for me, let alone Microsoft.

funny cat pictures & lolcats - Noooo they be stealin� mah brain!!!!

Source: Wall Street Journal . Image credit: Mind Hacks. Cat image


Entry filed under: Microsoft, Usability testing.

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