ThinkingShift’s pre-Christmas break

November 19, 2007 at 3:00 am Leave a comment

TylerWell, I started this blog back in January 2007. I aimed to do a post once a week, but somewhere along the line I caught the infectious disease known as obsessive blogitis. From my aim of once a week, somehow it ended up being daily postings. Since January 2007, I’ve blogged 257 times and had over 60,300 visitors – hardly the world’s leading blog, but I’ve managed to collect some avid readers who from time to time have left comments or sent me emails alerting me to things. I’m no mathematical genius but that’s around 5,480 visitors per month and thx to everyone who has contributed to or read ThinkingShift.

I’ve had fun with aliens and LOLCats, quantum physics and of course, the surveillance society. I’ve been listed as a blog people read, mostly recently by Jack Vinson who put ThinkingShift at the top of his list of 18 blogs he currently enjoys reading (thx Jack!). I started out wanting to blog about knowledge management, but I have so many other “passions” that have taken over – privacy, surveillance, endangered species, the environment, climate change, science and so on.

Oops…this sounds a bit like I’m about to go on and say “so I’m closing down my blog”. No way!! I’m just taking a pre-Xmas break. I’ve had a bit of a tough year. My mother died in July and then another elderly friend I was fond of died last week. And over the next few weeks, there are a few health issues of another relative to deal with.

So…I’m taking a bit of a breather until mid-December. I’ll be posting about 2-3 times a week instead of daily, but I’ll be back to daily posts around mid-December. And one of the first posts I’ll do is what blogs I read regularly as I’ve been asked to do this. And this will be followed by my research into whether Mars or other planets are heating up (TS reader Sweta asked me this question and I’ve been looking into over the last few months).

Now, don’t rush off and give your allegiance to another blog! ThinkingShift is only taking a bit of rest, not retiring off into the sunset.


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