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For all the LOLCats fans I seem to have gathered (my History of LOLCats post is still going strong!) this post should bring you some fun. Just pretend for a moment that LOLCats invented the Internet and that sites and blogs are brought to you in kitty pidgin. Well, some dude has wondered about this very thing. Not sure who or why but if you enter any URL into LOLinator, you can turn your site or blog into a LOLCats site.

I promise you I did try to resist doing this, but I turned ThinkingShift into a LOLCats site. This is apparently what I’d look like having turned my photo into a LOLCats generated image:


Mmmm….the surprised look is not due to botox. I think it’s more me continually uttering “what the?” when it comes to stuff I read on threats to privacy or possibly to spotting the Google Street View camera cruising Sydney streets, which I told you about in a recent post.

And here’s how a recent post called “Will KM survive?” was kitty pidgined:

“Patrik lambe ova at green chameleon… iz not quiet as depressed as he seemed 2 b otha day wit hiz post on do knowledge managa realli want 2 share knowledge??! if i may summarise… patrik wuz bemoanin distinct possibilitee that km professionalz r grate at proddin otha 2 share… but perhap do not display selfless… collaborativ behaviour within profession itself. n wit inexperience that lot uv people in km seem 2 has… it important 2 share success storiez… failurez n lessonz learnt so that access 2 km experience iz gained“. But it’s the accompanying LOLCat photo that has me worried – this LOLCat sure doesn’t seem to think KM will be surviving!

LOLinator image

And what would the LOLinator do to Dave Snowden’s Cognitive Edge blog I wondered? Well, go here to find out. At least Dave got a better photo than me but looks like he might have been raiding the fridge late at night in some hotel in NZ where’s he’s been lately:

LOLinator image

And if we LOLinate ThinkingShift good friend Patrick Lambe? Seems Patrick’s talking about fat wikis singing:

it ain’t ova til fat wiki sing

here nice way (frm elliot masie learnin 2007 conference) uv extendin life (n discussionz) uv conference past it formal close. sessionz r postd in video n podcast form (would b grate if they post slideset 2)… there r poll result… link 2 delegatez’ soshl netwurkin siet… photos… n commentin abilitee. frm videos it lookz like they also designed conference 2 b human n learnin friendli 2… despiet it scale (ova 2…000 delegatez). visit learningwiki today.

And the photo the LOLinator generated for Patrick?

Lolinator image

Aww….how cute :)-

My latest LOLCats favourite image is this one (LOLKangaroo more like it):

Sources: and LOLinator


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What influences our visual perception? The art of surveillance?

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