The wrong object was shot

June 12, 2008 at 1:25 am Leave a comment

Could there be any greater evidence for human stupidity than this sorry tale? I did promise Dave Snowden that I wasn’t going to rant about this horrid story but I must. First of all, read this.

How shocked are you by this outrageous example of complete stupidity by humans? If you’re not staggered, upset or angry – buzz off to another blog!

Now, this polar bear probably did the long distance swim because there are fewer and fewer ice-floes for these animals to rest on as they go about their life. Polar bears last visited Iceland in 1993 when Icelanders once again shot the visiting animal. For those who know the work of Rupert Sheldrake, you would probably suspect that before the 1993 polar bear carked it, he sent a message to the morphic resonance field saying “Don’t visit Iceland, they’ll shoot you, then maybe ask questions”. Hence, no polar bears have visited Iceland since 1993.

This time around the Icelandic authorities were so keen to shoot the poor polar bear (which they said was a threat to humans) they could not wait for 24 hours to get hold of a tranquilizing drug.

Real evidence of stupidity though is shown by the following – authorities, knowing the polar bear was swimming towards them, did not close down the area. No, they allowed a crowd of people to descend and watch the bear arrive. Naturally, I’d say the polar bear was a bit anxious and stressed by its long swim and human idiots crowding around the foreshore. If there was any threat going on, it was from the humans towards the polar bear.

You might be asking: wasn’t there a local vet with a tranquilizing drug? Good question. Apparently, the chief vet in the town of Blönduó, Egill Steingrímsson, had the drugs necessary to immobilise the bear in the boot of his car. All he needed was a special gun, which could have reached him by helicopter within the hour. I’m sure a trained vet could have figured out a way to contain the animal while they waited for the tranquilizer. And the poor bear would have been saved.

Frankly, I think the wrong object was shot. They shouldn’t have shot the polar bear. They should have shot the idiots who did little to avoid a senseless tragedy.

As you probably know, the polar bear was added to the Endangered Species Act (US) in May 2008 due to loss of sea ice and threats to its habitat caused by global warming. So human idiots have contributed to one less polar bear on this planet. Normally, I wouldn’t show you a picture as disturbing as this poor dead polar bear but I think you should see it. Just look at those idiots: gloating like big game hunters with their trophy catch.

There are many possible human extinction scenarios. Wikipedia summarises them for us. Let’s forget extinction by nanotechnology grey goo or extinction due to global warming or extinction due to a meteor slamming into us. Let’s add to the scenarios by saying that our species will top itself off by sheer human stupidity. No technology or environmental disaster has to do this for us – we’re quite capable of doing it to ourselves.

Is there a book on the history of human stupidity? If not, I’m going to write it. But it would be probably the longest book in human history as I’d have to cover so many examples of stupidity.

Source: The Guardian. Image credit: Icelandic TV


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