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June 29, 2008 at 3:25 am 2 comments

I don’t decorate ThinkingShift with a lot of annoying ads or pimp products but when something fabulous and worthwhile comes along, I’m happy to blog away. ThinkingShift good friend, gentleman and scholar, Patrick Lambe of Straits Knowledge, was breezing through Sydney last week and we caught up for a quick coffee.

And he gave me a present – the KM Method Cards that Straits Knowledge have just launched. Basically, they’re beautifully illustrated cards that summarise 80 KM approaches, methods or tools. They’re colour-coded too for ease of reference so red cards talk about approaches; green cards take a look at methods; and yellow cards focus on tools. I can see these cards being really handy for KM brainstorming or strategy sessions and for educational purposes or as quick reference guides. I plan to use them to just visualise KM nirvana – cluster them around themes and talk about how to get there.

As usual, Patrick and his team have come up with something smart, useful and playful. I’ve shamelessly ganked the images below from Patrick’s site. The first image shows examples of KM Method cards:

This image is the Guide to Contents:

And you can buy the KM Method Cards here at Straits Knowledge online shop – a steal at US$50.00 (one day I expect Patrick to open up an Amazon-style online store stuffed full of taxonomy products and scholarly works!).

Patrick also tells me that he’s planning to write his next book later this year – he has a habit of squirreling himself away in Ireland or Australia and writing like a mad thing for a couple of months. I’ll let him tell you what that book might be about but can’t wait to see it published because Patrick is one of the sharper minds around.

Now….if I could just think how to produce Privacy Cards – all the methods used to invade our privacy – I might hit the jackpot. And I could set up an online store that absolutely no-one would be able to access because I’d be paranoid about privacy!!!


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  • 1. Patrick Lambe  |  June 29, 2008 at 5:59 am

    Thank you for the very nice note, Kim, I’m looking forward to the Privacy Cards! Now that we’re in the online store business, what do you think about the knowledge sharing culture magic wand, bottles of getting management buy-in fairy dust, and boxes of technology magic bullets?

  • 2. thinkingshift  |  June 29, 2008 at 6:11 am

    hah! I think you’d sell out with “Magic Fairy Dust” for KM types to sprinkle over CEOs or perhaps a deck of KM tarot cards showing the major arcana (stressed out KM activist; Chief Knowledge Wizard; the Hangman (that would be the CEO I guess!) or an invisible cloak for those times you just want to disappear, perhaps after you’ve done a KM presentation to senior mgt and they still say “let’s build an intranet, then we’ll have KM” 🙂


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