I can has book dealz?

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Shorter posts this week as I am concentrating on a consulting gig that I’m doing on top of my day job (will I never learn?).  But for my LOLCats fans: I have not been slack in trawling for news about the cute kitties. For those who’ve missed my previous posts on LOLCats, go here.

Earlier this year, I caught wind of a book on LOLCats and seems publication will be happening soon. It was originally titled Professor Happy Cat’s Guide to the LOLCats. Can you imagine the book proposal for this? Darn: I should have thought of this before. Imagine getting a book deal from your blog especially one that well…really…is just cat photos.

Salivating, I read that there was a two-day book auction over what will surely be a best-seller. I’m hoping that the book won’t just be funny pictures of cats. I’m hoping for some serious discussion on the cultural phenomenon that is LOLCats. Perhaps, the book will explain Kitty Pidgin and how it came about. BTW: if you want to speak LOLCat, check out the LOLCat wiki.

The Gawker blog laid their hands on the book proposal, part of which says:

We don’t envision [the book] as a simple recompiling of images from the website, but rather a supplement to the site… Instead of just slapping some lolcats on a page and calling it a book, ICHC proposes a more adademic approach, hosted by Professor Happycat, [who] will show the reader the finer points of ICHC’s most popular memes.

Each page will include an official lolcat definition of the meme along with pronunciation and examples of real life lolspeak situations (i.e. iz u reddy for mah lolcat book?)“.

Mmmm…yes, well. Amazon is announcing that the book (now called I Can Has Cheezburger?: A LOLCat Colleckshun) will be released on October 7, 2008. Better get your order in now. I reckon this will be HUGE.

Further investigation into this whole LOLCats thing has left me really kicking myself. Such a simple idea really. Step 1: snap kitty in funny or odd positions. Step 2: slap silly caption onto said photo in baby-style talk. Step 3: come up with a name for this baby-style talk, Kitty Pidgin, and turn this into an opportunity for a whole lot of people to learn Kitty Speak (hey, remember there are Star Trek fans who can speak Klingon). Step 4. Release site in January 2007. Step 5: sell it for US$2 million less than a year later.

The company that bought the LOLCats site (Pet Holdings Inc) has just launched a new site in its portfolio. Called EngrishFunny (I cringe at this!) it pokes fun at how Asians pronounce English words. Other sites in the portfolio include ihasahotdog (the dog version of LOLCats); Failblog (a humorous photo blog of when stuff happens); and Totallylookslike (photos of celebrity look-alikes).

There’s an amazing interview with the CEO of I Can Has Cheezburger (LOLCats) where he refers to the Lolean Timescale or the various milestones the LOLCats site has phased through. This CEO, Ben Huh, bought the site from its original creators, Eric Nakagawa and Kari Unebasami and by leaving the site alone to the LOLCats fans, it now is generating upward of 30 million page views per month.

Now, I’m thinking there’s a business opportunity here for me. Failblog gave me the idea: photos of KM practitioners in various poses, in conversations with senior management, running KM workshops and so on – with funny captions like “tiz not going so well” and “thiz CEO just doez not get thiz KM thing”. This could work and earn me millions! I could call it I Can Haz Knowledge Management?  🙂

And for John MCain and Barack Obama, a special LOLCats image:

Image credit: Slate and Gawker


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