Social media, Obama and has the Earth been destroyed yet?

October 23, 2008 at 2:00 am 2 comments

There is absolutely no link between the three things named in the title to this blog post. I just couldn’t think of anything better. In my ferreting around blogs, online newspapers, journals, social networks and so on, I found three interesting sites to tell you about.

First up is a social media search engine called Social Mention. According to its description:

“It allows you to easily track what people are saying about you, your company, a new product, or any topic across the web’s social media landscape in real-time. Search results are aggregated from numerous popular social media sources, including Google blog search, Twitter, Delicious, FriendFeed, Flickr, Digg, YouTube etc and remixed as a single stream of information. The data is fresh, which means you can track conversations as they are happening in real-time”.

So if you’re intrigued to know who is talking about you or your blog, check it out.

Then I found Yes We Can (Hold Babies), which is is the international source for pictures of Obama holding babies. Seems to be all about people submitting photos of Obama holding babies or kids being photographed with Obama campaign slogans on posters and so on. The site also has this intriguing description:

“and sometimes we just post pictures of Obama standing under a dinosaur (and by that we do not mean John McCain”).

and seems to have been put together by US College students. I hadn’t realised there were so many photos of Obama holding and/or kissing babies.

The third site I came across really caused me to utter “what the?”. It’s called the International Earth-Destruction Advisory Board. Now the description of this site really confuses me:

“The International Earth Destruction Advisory Board (IEDAB) is an independent scientific institution which monitors the current status of the Earth and the number of times it has been destroyed. In the event of the Earth being destroyed it will be the IEDAB’s job to relay this information to people who need to know and provide advice on how to proceed.”

Hello? Note to IEDAB: if the Earth is destroyed then you are too, ergo your job of relaying information to people is kaput!

I was also intrigued by the current status of Earth’s destruction. We’ve survived the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the possibility of being sucked into a black hole or so we thought but according to the IEDAB, the scientists in charge of the LHC are a pretty tricky bunch. They launched a pre-emptive strike and destroyed the Earth before the LHC was switched on last month (September 10). Here’s what the IEDAB has to say:

“It is our duty to inform you that as of 7:35:05am UTC on September 10, 2008, the Earth has been destroyed. The destruction of Earth was first reported by Mr Jonathan Barber of Wisconsin, United States, who spotted that his home-made seismic Earth Detector had ceased to give readings at around 8:00am (2am local time). Several other amateur geocide spotters noticed this at the same time but Mr. Barber was the first to place a telephone call to the IEDAB’s Geocide Hotline (+44 115 09Ω 4127, ask for Other Dave) at which point IEDAB officials performed an emergency check of their own instrumentation and verified Mr. Barber’s report, as well as fixing the exact time of geocide.

Evidence is still being collated, but preliminary results suggest that the Earth was destroyed pre-emptively by scientists at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, before the commencement of their experiments to locate the Higgs Boson, as a precautionary measure to ensure that the experiment itself could not result in the destruction of the Earth”.

Ah, those tricky scientists!  So before the LHC was switched on, the Earth was actually destroyed! I missed that.


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