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I’m sure that my UFO fans already know all about this. But just in case. May 20, 1957. The very height of the Cold War. Lieutenant Milton Torres, a US fighter pilot based in Britain, scrambled his F-86 D Sabre jet and prepared to meet an unknown threat. A large object appeared on his radar and then vanished. For over 50 years, Torres’ experience was silenced but what happened that day has now come to light with the declassification of UK Ministry of Defence files relating to UFOs.

Torres was ordered to “Arm all weapons and fire on sight.” The next day, Torres received a visit from shadowy men in trench coats who politely suggested he would never fly again if he said anything. Now 77 years old, Torres is itching to tell us what happened and his 1988 narrative has been released. He never actually saw the flying object but said it travelled at a speed and performed manoeuvres beyond the capability of any earthly-known aircraft.

So there are 19 files available. You can access them here and they cover UFO sightings between 1986 and 1992. I certainly would not wish to have been on the Alitalia flight that was coming into land at Heathrow when the Captain caught sight of a brown missile-shaped object passing overhead. It’s really interesting ferreting through the files. Grab a coffee and spend an hour or two. You’ll find you get caught up in the alien abduction files!

If that was a UFO Torres saw and if he had fired off a rocket or two – well, let’s just say we might not be worrying about the financial meltdown. We made have been made toast by an interplanetary war.

Check out this YouTube video I found – Milton Torres talking about what he saw way back in 1957.

Image credit: Brisbane Times


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