The English language according to Dubya

January 20, 2009 at 2:00 am 2 comments

At long last: Dubya is about to ride off into the sunset, only to be remembered as the worst Prez in history. He leaves office with a 22% approval rating. Since Australia is ahead of the US, I get to farewell Dubya ahead of my US readers (by the way, I’ve installed a cluster map on TS blog. I was surprised to see how many readers I have in the US – more than two at last!).

What better way to farewell Dubya than to celebrate his masterful oratory skills. Here is a collection of my favourite Bushisms, enjoy:

  • There are some monuments where the land is so widespread, they just encompass as much as possible. And the integral part of the  – the precious part, so to speak – I guess all land is precious, but the part that the people uniformly would not want to spoil, will not be despoiled. But there are parts of the monument lands where we can explore without affecting the overall environment. Say what??? Washington, D.C. March 13, 2001.
  • “[It’s] time for the human race to enter the solar system“. Ranks as one of my personal favourities along with:
  • “I know the human being and fish can co-exist peacefully”. Michigan, September 2000, explaining his energy policies.
  • “I want to thank my friend, Senator Bill Frist, for joining us today…..He married a Texas girl, I want you to know. Karyn is with us. A West Texas girl, just like me”. Nashville, Tennessee – May 27 2004.
  • “I just want you to know that when we talk about war we’re really talking about peace”. Washington, June 18 2002.
  • “I’ll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office”. To Israeli journalists in Washington in an interview – May 12, 2008. Ah actually Dubya: I think we’ve been onto you for some years now.
  • “I remember meeting a mother of a child who was abducted by the North Koreans right here in the Oval Office”. Washington, June 26 2008.
  • “Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning”. South Carolina, January 11, 2000.
  • “You teach a child to read and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test”. Tennessee, February 21, 2001.

And here is the Bushism that sums up for me all the damage he has done to this world, to the US Constitution and to the reputation of the US and its citizens:

“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we”. Washington, August 5 2004.

So join with me in saying hasta la vista Bush. May your brother, Jeb, never see the inside of the Oval Office.  And can we finally rejoice in having a US Prez who can skillfully string a sentence together?  Yes We Can!

Sources: Alternet and The Australian (hard copy) January 16 2009. Image source:


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  • 1. Paris  |  January 20, 2009 at 9:39 pm

    After reading so many bushisms, I read Washington as “Bushington” !
    Bush hurts the brain as much as the city I guess (or is my cold??)
    Hopefully it’s over! Bush is goooooone!

  • 2. thinkingshift  |  January 20, 2009 at 10:28 pm

    yeah Paris we can party!! I have faith in Obama but I wonder how on earth he will navigate the US (and the rest) through the global crisis, rising unemployment, what will he do about Afghanistan, Iraq, climate change – let’s wait and see. But right now let’s rejoice – NO MORE BUSH!! it’s a great day.


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