It’s been two years

January 26, 2009 at 2:00 am 6 comments

So two years ago, I flung myself into blogging with the words of gentleman and scholar, Patrick Lambe, ringing in my ears – “welcome to sustainable blogging Kim”.  That word sustainable –  Patrick was hinting that you have to get a rhythm by blogging regularly and finding your “voice”.  After about six months, I wondered why I was bothering. I didn’t have thousands even hundreds of readers. And the comments weren’t flowing in. I was talking to myself!

But then Matt Moore and I started working together. I picked up from Matt some new vocab – dude, wicked and the classic “organisational whore” (might have been “bitch” but of course he wasn’t referring to me! We often spoke about being sucked up by an organisation and being at its beck and call). From Matt, I learnt that you blog because you have something to say and not because you want to boast thousands of readers.

So…here I am, two years later ranting and raving about this and that. All because I have things to say. I started the TS blog on January 26 2007 – Australia Day. Happy Australia Day to all my Aussie readers.

And should you celebrate Chinese New Year:


From the cluster map I installed, I’ve found I have more than the two readers I long thought would be the only two ever bothering to read this blog. I value all my readers and some of these readers have become friends and we regularly email. Two readers from India have become firm friends. Other readers have sent me items for my interest or have told me they’d like me to blog on a certain topic.

I’m still having email tussles with my favourite 18 year old gamer in the US, who is now 19. But these days, the tussles have more to do with generational issues.  From his first email accusing me of being a neo-Nazi (what the?) to his latest email telling me how he was very emotional at Prez Obama’s inauguration – well, we’ve established a pretty interesting virtual friendship between a 19 year old and a 99 year old (no, not QUITE that old). Initially, I accused him of being some uneducated redneck American but I’ve now come to appreciate he’s just a young dude struggling to understand why the economy is collapsing around him and he has no job prospects.

Some of my posts continue to be very popular. Anything I do on LOLCats is still going strong. And the posts on perfumes has resulted in people telling me of their favourite niche perfumes and how to make perfumes. In fact, I’m being guided by a wonderful person in Sierra Nevada on how to make my very own perfume oil. I’ve even sourced some hard to get perfumes for people.

Along the way too, I’ve had fun with Bush and his croneys. Plenty to blog about there – from expansion of Executive powers to stomping on the US Constitution. But I think 2009 will be a bit dry for me as far as US Presidents go – so far I am impressed with Obama. Still not won over by him but he certainly has hit the ground running.

So 2009 will see me creating a second blog.  The global financial hissy fit will (I have no doubt) result in most of us questioning unbridled American-style capitalism. Some of us will lose our job and have to tighten the belt. The rest of us will be a bit edgy, wondering if we will still be employed by end of 2009. We have all been duped by the biggest circus in history – the consumerist society. We spend, spend, spend because there is so much choice. We live in a celebrity-obsessed society that makes us want THE latest designer handbag. CEOs and executives are paid obscene salaries. We lust, we crave, we desire, we want NOW. We are not prepared to wait or be more responsible with money. We forget our neighbours because our most immediate decision is whether or not we should buy that plasma TV.

So…the new blog will focus on being a responsible human in the post-financial hissy fit world. I’ll be offering tips on how to be frugal and discussing what frugality means. And there will be a form on this blog for you to contribute your ideas on how to live with less. You will be able to post recipes for meals that won’t bust your bank account or contribute your own story around how you’re learning to live with less.  I’ll be telling you about organic products I come across or how to make your own lipgloss, soaps, lotions and potions. Anything really that will help us, together, shape a better world.

The only thing that is stopping the launch of this blog?  A name!  I’ve thought of the following:

  • beingfrugal
  • thriftyshift – I think it was Patrick who once accused me of naming everything “….Shift”
  • beingresponsible
  • anewway
  • renewlife

and various other names. But either they are taken already or don’t quite work for me.

So dear reader: can you help me?  Can you give the new blog a name? Something that encapsulates what the new blog will be about:

  • personal responsibility
  • learning to live with less but still having fun and a good life
  • saving money
  • sharing tips, recipes, stories
  • organic news and products
  • creating a society with better values
  • off-the-grid living
  • growing your own vegetables

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  • 1. Luke  |  January 26, 2009 at 4:51 am

    Hey Kim – how about forgetting about a name that concerns the blog’s themes but making it about you. In deference to those great Australian icons, Kath and Kim (no resemblance I am sure!), what about Kimmyspeaks…

    As Matt would say – it is about you having something to say!

  • 2. thinkingshift  |  January 26, 2009 at 5:02 am

    Good grief Luke!! I have long been associated with Kim because whenever someone tries to get my attention I hear “Look at moi, look at moi, Kimmy, look at moi please. …”. I would shamelessly gank that name if it wasn’t for fear of copyright violation!

    What say you Matt? what advice do you have that doesn’t include the words dude, wicked, whore (or was it bitch?!!).

  • 3. Matt Moore  |  January 26, 2009 at 5:32 am

    Kim – My preference is that you avoid anything too worthy. Some names that come to mind (not all are available as names on wordpress):
    – Running on Empty
    – Million Year Spree
    – Fierce Conversations
    – Half Full
    – (Where the) Buck Stops

  • 4. Anthony  |  January 26, 2009 at 4:40 pm


  • 5. Andrew Mitchell  |  January 26, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    Why a NEW blog Kim? The extra content would fit very well with the themes you’ve explored here over the last two years.

  • 6. thinkingshift  |  January 26, 2009 at 10:43 pm

    thx everyone for your input!! Good question Andrew: I guess because on TS blog I still look at the curious, the bizarre, surveillance and so on. Whereas I thought a new blog would be solely for stuff on making it a better world. The new blog would have more focus on readers’ contributions – so less blogging required by me.
    TS blog would still continue onwards and upwards (to wherever!).


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