How curious!

February 5, 2009 at 2:00 am Leave a comment

I have collected some choice bits for ThinkingShift’s regular How Curious feature. So let’s kick off 2009 by looking at what bizarre, odd and curious things can happen in our world.

Beware the goat.  Seems Nigerian goats walk a fine line when it comes to the law. Police are holding a goat on suspicion of armed robbery (yes, really). Some people (perhaps smoking the wacky tobaccy) dragged a goat into a police station and mumbled things about black magic. They say an armed robber magically transformed himself into a goat to escape the long arm of the law. In a “what the?” moment, police have been quoted as saying: “We cannot confirm the story but the goat is in our custody. We cannot base our information on something mystical. It is something that has to be proved scientifically, that a human being turned into a goat.” Good luck proving that dudes. Source: Reuters.

Beware the alien octopus. Besides goats, you need to keep a watchful eye out for an alien octopus that may destroy a wind turbine near you soon. A wind turbine in Lincolnshire, England was hit by something mysterious in early January. One of its three 65 ft blades was totally mangled and left wilting. Officials have no explanation for what caused the mangling. UFO enthusiasts have their theories because bright orange spheres were seen in the area at the time. Could it have been destroyed by a many-tentacled alien, a meteorite, a plane? Personally, I’m going for the revenge of the bats theory. Source: Discover Magazine.

Sexual gorillas. Possibly this curious story could only happen  in Australia. A stern magistrate has issued a warning to a young driver accused of speeding. To quote the magistrate’s words of wisdom: “You’ll find big, ugly, hairy strong men (in jail) who’ve got faces only a mother could love that will pay a lot of attention to you — and your anatomy”. I bet that guy is no longer speeding! Source: Reuters.

Foiled by Thor. Should you wish to deter burglars, simply dress up as Thor, the god of thunder. A man was busy burglarising a home in Edinburgh, Scotland when he came face to face with the menacing Thor and fled. Well, actually a man returning from a New Year’s Eve party dressed as the Norse god (presumably this was a fancy dress gig and he doesn’t normally parade around as Thor). Source: BoingBoing


Squirrels come in purple. People were amazed when a purple squirrel was spotted in a village in Hampshire, UK. The squirrel hangs around the local school and has become something of a legend. I’m placing bets that the squirrel fell into a pot of paint whilst nosing around the school’s art class. But just because you’ve never seen a purple squirrel before doesn’t mean they don’t really exist! Source: The Telegraph

Beware the sandwich. Aside from goats and an alien octopus, you should also be wary of sandwiches. A UK woman regularly faints after eating sandwiches or fizzy drinks. After 10 years of fainting episodes and many medical tests, an unusual swallowing reflex has been blamed. Bubbles of gas from fizzy drinks or clumps of bread from sandwiches caused the woman’s heart to momentarily falter. She has now been fitted with a pacemaker and can happily attack sandwiches and fizzy drinks without fear of toppling over. Source: BBC News.

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