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February 7, 2009 at 2:00 am Leave a comment

I’ve been doing some research over the last few weeks for my “day job” (working with networks and communities of practice in a legal environment) and for a consulting gig I’m doing (putting together a training programme for lawyers). So I was going to prepare a guide to networks and communities but why bother now that I’ve struck gold?!!

Check out this 100+ page guide to networks I found on the Swiss Resource Centre & Consultancies for Development site. Everything and anything I could possibly have thought of to include in a guide to networks is in this document, including a run down of tools and techniques to support knowledge sharing. And so being the good KM practitioner that I am, I’m sharing this with you 🙂  There’s other stuff on the site that will be of interest to KM people so check it out.

Also, nosing around on social media and lawyers, I came across the US Air Force. Apparently, the Air Force is embracing Twitter and I stumbled onto their Rules of Engagement for Blogging, which includes this blog assessment chart that outlines how to respond to blog posts (mmm….looks handy for individuals and corporates too):

Click here to see a larger version of the flowchart and here to read more about how the US Air Force is using social media (seems to me organisations should be looking at the Air Force dudes as a role model). A number of organisations I’ve dealt with are SLOW to embrace social media preferring to stick with tired communication channels like newsletters and Q&A (answers from the CEO are of course spun-doctored to death by the Corporate Comms people until no truth is left in the response).

The US Air Force has a pretty nifty blog, they are on YouTube and dabble in podcasts too. Seems they’re pretty serious about social media. Which led me to check out the Royal Australian Air Force. I found them on Facebook but couldn’t find a blog – anyone know?


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