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March 4, 2009 at 2:00 am 5 comments

It’s been one of those sorts of weeks – I was chatting to a KM colleague, a person I have great respect for. We’re working on putting together a series of workshops on Resilience. And we talked about the need to have space to reflect especially when we’re in the grip of a time of financial anxiety. I was talking about how I want to completely change my life – get out of artificial, corporate life. Live on the land and even (yes, really) raise goats.

Anyway, later that day, I was catching up on my RSS feeds and in came a post from one of my favoured blogs – Creative Spark.  This is the blog of Marc Garnaut, who’s an Aussie living in Singapore – he’s a creative director and fabulous photographer.

Anyway, what I didn’t know is that his sister, Liz Lennon, is a fabulous woman who has created Life Dreaming – a concept and workshop designed to allow space for reflection about what’s really important in one’s life right now. Liz started off many years ago facilitating sessions for women mainly, but also for men, and called it Life Dreaming. Great name; great concept. And if you take time to dream and transform your life, then surely you become more resilient, more self-aware, more confident, more…whatever you dream of being.  Marc helped Liz create the visual branding. And the really great thing? Liz has put all her years of wisdom and experience into creating a Life Dreaming Workbook that she is offering …..for free.

Personally, I’ll be making my way through the workbook. Given the current state of the world (and regular readers know what I think), it’s a great opportunity for all of us to spend time reflecting, caring, dreaming. So go here to Liz’s site, read about Life Dreaming, then download the workbook and get going.


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  • 1. Liz  |  March 4, 2009 at 8:23 am

    Thanks for letting people know about the Life Dreaming workbook.

    Some people think I’m a little mad to give away a workbook … me? … I’m all for mad ideas and great serendipities.

    If I hadn’t given the Life Dreaming workbook away … I wouldn’t have met you and gained a mentor (and I hope new friend) for SKIL2.

    I think in these interesting times we need to look at new (and old) ways of exchanging skills, energy, and kindness with each other.

    I’m getting a lot out of giving the workbook away … ok … not money … but heaps of feedback and people are really using it.

    People are telling me that just by doing a few of the exercises they have made some life changing decisions … and that’s what it’s all about … knowing you have the power and capacity to make decisions about what’s important in your life right now.

    The Life Dreaming workbook is just a tool … a beautiful tool thanks to my genius designer brother Marc … but still … just a tool.

    Enjoy … and I’d love to hear from any of your readers if they use the workbook … I’m improving and developing it constantly.

    Slan from Ireland


  • 2. thinkingshift  |  March 4, 2009 at 11:29 pm

    you know Liz: Seth Godin does just this – gives away his books free online, then goes on to publishing them. And he’s a pretty successful guy! I have read your workbook twice now – I’m letting things digest before actually doing the exercises. I was completely bowled over by one question/suggestion – do you trust yourself?
    To be honest, I’ve never thought of that. Do I trust myself? wow, powerful question. I plan to reflect and do a blog post on that. I’ve blogged before on trust (eg what is trust, bases of trust) but not about trusting oneself.

    I have some pretty avid readers, so I too hope they download the workbook and participate in Life Dreaming.


  • 3. Liz  |  March 5, 2009 at 7:41 am

    Hi Kim
    I like the way different people ‘use’ the workbook.

    Some just dive in and work their way through …. others (like you) take their time to read and digest … others just open the book and see what question comes up.

    Love the way that there’s no ‘right’ way.

    You picked a great question … and funnily enough it’s one I’m grappling with as I build a whole Life Dreaming process with my brother Marc.

    For all my confidence and belief in the Life Dreaming tools … and my belief in peoples own power to find their answers … there’s always the little nagging voice saying ‘ why you? why would anyone want to use Life Dreaming?’

    So … I’ll just have to trust myself … and all the people who are helping me with Life Dreaming … and all the people who have already downloaded the workbook, done stuff in it … and let me know it was useful.

    Thanks for picking that question … it helped me work something out … and … it’s just given me a great idea for something Marc and I can develop in the Life Dreaming process.

    Hope your weeks going well Kim.

    Thanks again for your insight


  • 4. Paris  |  March 7, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    Hei Kim,
    I’m amazed, now I realise why I was so attracted to your blog….we share a common dream: living on the land, and raising some cattle! (I’d like lots of poultry actually: ostrich, peacoks, turkeys, chicken, pigeons…)
    I’ll even be working in a farm this summer…
    Thanks for that link, I’ll take a look at Life Dreaming cause it sounds really interesting!

  • 5. thinkingshift  |  March 8, 2009 at 12:33 am

    Hi Paris
    Yes, my family used to joke that I’m a hippie at heart and really should be living in the 1960s. I want to live on the land: have goats, and run a local co-op. I think you will find the Life Dreaming workbook really useful – I have been amazed by the way it’s helped me make a couple of decisions already. Let me know how you go with it.


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