How curious!

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Time to check out what curious, bizarre or downright strange things have been happening on this wonderful planet of ours.

First bat in space: You may have seen this tenacious bat clinging to the external fuel tank of the recently launched Spaceshuttle. Apparently, the bat had chosen the Shuttle as a roost. Bats have done this before but flown the coop before the Shuttle blasted off into space. Not so this brave bat, which caused NASA to be a tad concerned that it might disrupt the launch.

Well, the launch happened and still the bat clung on for dear life, one theory being that the poor thing (nicknamed Brian) had become frozen to the fuel tank as the cryogenic hydrogen and oxygen fuel was pumped into the tank. But apparently this wasn’t the case because the area the bat was clinging to did not reach below freezing point. The other theory (from a wildlife specialist) is that when g-forces took hold and the Shuttle was rattling and shaking as it took off, the creature fell off and died in the searing 1400°C exhaust of the throttling boosters. My theory? Brian wanted to be the first bat in outer space. Source: Universe Today

Vampire hunting: And speaking of bats, this is curiously gruesome – archaeologists digging around Venice have unearthed the 16th Century remains of a woman who people of that time believed was a vampire. The telltale sign? The huge brick lodged between the poor woman’s jaws. Fear of vampires (and ignorance about death) was so rife in that time period, a simple stake through the heart was not considered enough to finish off a vampire. So the brick in the jaws method was used to starve any vampire to death. Eewww!! Source: CBS News

Invented too early? Everyone’s favourite toy, the iPod, was invented in 2001. But perhaps not. Perhaps Britain invented the iPod in 1979. A pocket-sized portable music player, the IXI System, was invented by Kane Kramer, 23 years and James Campbell, 21 years. The device stored music in a chip, had a display screen and navigation buttons. Four prototypes were built but the device could only store 3.5 minutes of music. A fifth pre-production model actually went on sale at the APRS exhibition at Earls Court – London. Wouldn’t you love to be one of the people who bought one of them – imagine how much it might be worth now! Unfortunately for Kramer, his patent lapsed in 1988 and was possibly an invention way before its time. Source: and Wired.

Norris for Prez: If you don’t think having The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, as Governor of California is surreal enough, then think about Chuck Norris as “President of Texas”. Yes, folks, Norris has had a word or two with the Founding Fathers who have told him what America really stands for and he talks about America turning into a totalitarian country and how Americans won’t tolerate it. Of all the States of the US, I’d always place my bets on Texas to be the one to secede. If the GFC causes the US to spiral out of control, Norris is ready to seize the reins (or give a karate chop or two). So if you think all is lost in America and you want to rekindle the patriotic fires of early America – join one of the thousands of cell groups Norris and others are organising in Texas. If this doesn’t appeal to you, well you can go along to the Houston area and see Norris display that raw Texan fighting spirit in a national martial arts event called Showdown in H-Town. Source: WorldNetDaily.

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