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April 26, 2009 at 2:00 am Leave a comment

I don’t often tell you what’s happening in my private life (frankly, it’s just TOO boring) but two independent actions from people over the past week have not only cheered me up but have also made me think there are still thoughtful people out there.

I was in a bit of despair after watching a certain current affairs programme that aired a segment called Gawkers – the story was a set-up by some actors who played a homeless man being beaten up by youths on a street, a young woman being verbally and physically abused by her boyfriend in a park, a man having a heart attack.The segment asked “what would you do?” and showed what a number of passers-by actually did. The results? Showing that great mateship spirit Australians are supposedly known for people just walked or drove by, allowing the “homeless man” to be beaten and the young girl to be abused. One driver of a car even slowed down to gawk at the homeless man being pummelled. You can watch the video here – click on the link entitled Gawkers to launch the video. Only one tattoed dude got out of his car ready to have a rumble and some Brazilian tourists looked ready to assist.

I would like to think that I would stop and help a person in trouble. What would you have done if confronted by the scenarios in the video? It’s true that we have become such a litigious society that a potential good Samaritan would be weighing up the odds of getting sued. And we’re such a violent society, we’d also be weighing up the odds of getting attacked ourselves.

Anyway, enough sombre news. Let me tell you about the two things that happened this week. I blogged recently about my new obsession – the Diana F+ camera and lomography. A former student of mine reads this blog. I’ve kept in touch with many students over the years – that’s one of the pleasures of teaching. So I was at work this week and a box materialised on my desk with this note attached:

Hi Kim

I read about your Diana and thought this would make the trio of the plastic fantastics. Got these instead of disposables for my wedding in 2001 and they have been looking for good homes ever since.

And in the box? A shiny black Holga camera!!

The irony is that I nearly bought a Holga in Hong Kong but chose to get two Dianas and I’ve been regretting not getting a Holga. So a HUGE thank you to this person (just in case you don’t want to be named, I’m not saying who you are). The Holga will take pride of place with my Dianas. And speaking of the Diana, I have my very first roll of film back and I think there are some pretty good shots but I need to get them on a CD so I can upload. You need patience with analogue photography let me tell you. I’m actually considering developing my own film but am clueless. So if you know of an idiot’s guide, leave a comment.

The other thing that happened was I received a Flickr email from someone who is not a Flickr contact. He apparently landed on my Flickr page by accident and decided to send me this email:

Usually there is a difference between photos and life. But in your case, there is a very rare fusion: poetic, melancholic, truthful, the essence of beauty, and, I´m sure, a part of your skin in each one.

I’d say this is the nicest email I’ve ever received and has really inspired me to keep going with my photography. So you see: there ARE kind and thoughtful people left in this world of ours that is besieged by financial crises, greedy bankers, wars, poverty and other acts of human darkness. So for these two people, a photo I took of a beautiful pink rose:


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