The US military and FEMA

August 3, 2009 at 2:30 am 5 comments

Military To Work With FEMA During Swine Flu Pandemic 290709top“Until now, what I’m about to tell you would have been easily dismissed as a conspiracy theory. It’s the kind of story that you might expect from some extreme fringe blogger… the kind of story that never appears in the mainstream media. Only today, it did. And it’s not a conspiracy theory, either.”

These are not my words. They are from the opening paragraph of an article that caught my attention. I don’t think of myself as an “extreme fringe blogger” but I do hope I blog about issues that we can investigate together, think seriously about and perhaps ultimately question. This is why I’ve been bringing you posts lately on the swine flu vaccinations.

It seems the US military is preparing for something beyond the ongoing war in Iraq. It seems that they could become involved in an H1N1 swine flu outbreak with reports that health authorities are deeply worried about a “return with a vengeance” of the virus, possibly as early as August 2009.  And we already know that drug companies are hard at it producing (so far) untested swine flu vaccines. So what might the military be doing? Well, it seems they will be assisting FEMA in tackling the swine flu. Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, will sign an order authorising the military to set up five regional teams to deal with the potential outbreak of H1N1 influenza if FEMA requests help. These teams will assist civilian authorities with tasks such as setting up quarantine areas and no doubt herding people who resist vaccine shots. (The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices in the US has just voted to set vaccination priorities for certain groups – those who will get the jab first are pregnant women; children and young adults from 6 months to 24 years; people aged 25 to 64 years with underlying medical conditions (eg asthma, diabetes).

Let’s pause for a moment: I’ve blogged before about FEMA camps and the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act (H.R. 645) that gives the Prez of the US the authority to declare an emergency and throw citizens into these camps. So within the context of news that the military is to back civilian authorities in an anticipated swine flu pandemic, let’s look at what this could mean:

  • the US government is preparing to enforce a mandatory swine flu vaccination program. And if you’re a regular reader of this blog you should be concerned about this vaccination;
  • the teams of military personnel could be used to visit homes and round up those who resist vaccination (there is a health-care reform bill approved by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee that authorises what are termed “interventions” in private homes – in other words, you get a knock on your door from medical and military vaccine teams asking why you or your kids haven’t been vaccinated and declaring they have the power to come on in and jab you);
  • if Americans fall back on their Second Amendment right to bear arms to protect themselves and their families from being rounded up, stretch of the imagination to think that the military is there to subdue those who resist;
  • forced evacuation to FEMA camps for vaccine resisters (remember, these camps sit on military soil).

Remember too, I blogged about the return to the US of an active-duty military unit – US Army 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team – and since their return they have been helping out with humanitarian efforts and getting Americans used to domestic militarisation.

So I think if we put together an active-duty unit inside the borders of the US; FEMA camps; and the news that the military will now assist FEMA in swine flu efforts – then you have a possible pattern – the prospect of martial law being declared if there is a huge hissy fit by American citizens resisting the swine flu vaccination.

I’ve had a number of emails from US soldiers angry at me for suggesting they would ever turn on their country’s own citizens. I am sure that many US military personnel, if asked to perform acts that go against their values and beliefs will refuse. But in a way, military personnel are being conditioned into thinking they are performing a humanitarian act (enforcing swine flu vaccinations if it comes to that).

Go off and read all the links I’ve provided in this post and decide for yourself. Forwarned is forearmed as they say. The article I was reading ended with this quote, which I’ll provide in its entirety. The imaginative ramblings of conspiracy theorists or a possible future? You decide.

“There’s a knock on your door. A peek through the window reveals two young soldiers in urban camo fatigues gripping M16 rifles slung across their chests. In front of them, an official-looking doctor person sports an N95 mask and carries a clipboard thick with ruffled papers.

Knock knock. “Is anyone home?”

One of the soldiers catches a glimpse of you peering through a sliver of curtain covering the living room window. “I’ve got movement.” He tightens his grip on his rifle and elbows the soldier next to him. “Someone’s home. Knock again.”

Knock KNOCK. “We’re here from the pandemic response team,” insists the doc. “We’re here to help. Open up or we’ll be forced to come in.”

Reluctantly, you inch towards the door and grip the doorknob with damp, sweaty hands. Your pulse pounds hard as you crack open the door.

But the doctor isn’t in front of your door anymore. It’s one of the soldiers — the larger one — and he wedges his foot between your door and its frame, prying it open and forcing his intimidating self into your doorway. “We’re with FEMA. Please step away from the door.”

“Our records show you haven’t received the swine flu vaccine yet,” squeaks the doctor from behind the bulk of the domineering soldier now squarely positioned in front of you. “We’re here to administer your vaccine.”

“I don’t want a vaccine,” you protest. “They’re not safe.”

The soldier chuckles, blurts out, “They’re as safe as the U.S. government says they are.”

The doctor peers out from behind his military companion and makes eye contact. “Sir, as you well know, vaccines have been required for all U.S. residents since President Obama’s emergency pandemic declaration last month. Please extend your arm and we’ll be on our way.”

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What exactly do you do? Observations for American friends

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  • 1. JackT  |  August 4, 2009 at 2:28 am

    As you say, alot of this scenario relies on the US Miltary becoming agents for the Powers That Be. Ha Ha Ha… since when haven’t they?

    The Military is ground central for pinheads who can’t think for themselves. Add a crumbling economy and no doubt, military types will serve the hand that feeds them.

    I wish I could say better things about the US Military, actually…they given a good operational accounting of themselves in the last 10 years.. but as always…top brass leads them astray. When one considers the lack of jobs for them outside the military, plus consider the deception in which these forced immunizations will emanate from (Obamas chief of staff is on record for the infamous quote “never let a good crisis go to waste”)…. then the conclusion of what will happen is almost certain.

    The best way to fight this to DEMAND reduced funding for the US Military (this will also stop the endless wars). Our Military no longer is an asset, just the opposite in fact…they’re a liability. They siphon off needed resources to feed the Military/Industrial Complex (i.e. crony capitalism that merely serves to keep long term Congressmen in office). They’re storm troopers/mercenaries to be used against us (even while we’re taxed to support it.


  • 2. kim sbarcea  |  August 4, 2009 at 10:26 am

    Hi Jack I think things are getting so bad that the American people MUST say STOP. Stop the slide into martial law; stop the invasion of civil liberties; stop the military/industrial complex. But the problem is our consumerist society stuns us into worrying only about what Brands to buy; how big my house is; how much money I’m earning; whether I can get famous on YouTube or some reality show drivel. We are so sidetracked by this, so selfish – that we fail to see what’s going on around us, until it is too late.

  • 3. Rich  |  August 9, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    This is the time to remind all the readers that the U.S. military, and other govt’l agencies have already put innocent americans into camps, denied them due process, and confiscated their property without compensation. Yes, it has happened…….. in 1942. Many americans of Japanese descent were put into camps guarded by soldiers and barbed wire. This was one of the most horrible abuse of the Constitution pre-21st Century. It can happen again.

  • 4. Rich  |  August 9, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    This is the time to remind all the readers that the U.S. military, and other govt’l agencies have already put innocent americans into camps, denied them due process, and confiscated their property without compensation. Yes, it has happened…….. in 1942. Many americans of Japanese descent were put into camps guarded by soldiers and barbed wire. This was one of the most horrible abuses of the Constitution, pre-21st Century. It can happen again.

  • 5. STOP THE VAX  |  August 30, 2009 at 3:03 am

    Vaccines are POISON. The only one[s] who benefit from vaccines are PHARMACEUTICALS. Lots of Vitamin D will protect you from the flu and many other diseases. DON’T be fooled by paid off media hype. STOP the sickening assault on humanity.


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