Thinking of getting the jab?

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A question for you – if you were asked to get a vaccine jabbed into your arm and if you knew (from reading the TS blog of course!) that said vaccine had been rushed through to production and had not been subjected to rigorous clinical trials – would you get the jab?

If you say Yes… well….stick out your arm and I wish you good luck. You might care to read this article though before you willingly submit. And if you want something more scientific, then read this article from the Journal of the American Medical Association.

If you said Nooooooooooooooooo Waaaaay, then you are joining a third of surveyed nurses in the UK who are saying nope, non, nyet to the swine flu jab. Why are they saying no? Clearly, they are astute because the main reason given is that they have concerns over the safety of the swine flu vaccine. One nurse is quoted as saying: ‘I would not be willing to put myself at risk of unknown long-term effects to facilitate a short-term solution.’ And another nurse said: ‘I have yet to be convinced there is a genuine health risk and it’s not just Government propaganda.’

You’d also be joining University of Manitoba medical ethicist, Dr Arthur Schafer, who is now publicly expressing his concern about the safety of swine flu vaccine and says he is not comfortable with the Canadian Government’s proposal for a mass vaccination programme.  Schafer says: “There are serious public health issues and issues of ethics as to whether we should be distributing (vaccines) massively to healthy people, including children and pregnant women, when there are really big question marks about their effectiveness and their safety.”

I live in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, particularly Australia, is being viewed as the global test case for swine flu. Medical dudes will be gleaning lessons from Australia’s handling of this so-called pandemic. According to regular updates on Wikipedia, Australia has had 32,799 confirmed cases of H1N1 Influenza with 128 confirmed deaths. Australia has a population of approximately 21.5 million.  The confirmed deaths are of course sad but are these figures showing a “pandemic”?? The figures would suggest that swine flu here has been no more lethal than the seasonal flu. There are on average 2,500-3,000 deaths every year as a result of seasonal influenza in Australia (I’ve just survived my third bout of seasonal flu).

Avian or bird flu (remember the drama and scare over bird flu a few years back?) just knocked off a fifth person in China. Why isn’t a mass vaccine programme being touted for bird flu?

I think we know the real reason for the mass vaccination programme proposal for swine flu – the almighty dollar, profits to Big Pharma. I don’t believe in any of the conspiracy theories I’ve read such as the Illuminati wanting to knock off millions of people for shadowy reasons. The simple fact is that vaccinating millions of people equals $$$$$$ for Big Pharma. Through vaccines, Big Pharma can ensure generations of future profits from diseases that are promoted or worsened by vaccines.

I’ve been reading that clinical trials have now started – eight US cities are involved and should immediate tests show no adverse reactions, then babies as young as 6 months old may get the jab. I have great concerns about this. Since we don’t know the long term side effects or whether this vaccination programme will be a re-run of the 1976 debacle – then don’t test poor little babies (child abuse anyone?). It seems that pregnant women in Washington D.C. are cautious about getting the vaccine.

Meanwhile, I continue my research into how you can refuse to submit to the vaccine should WHO mandate a global vaccine programme or your country does so.  I’ve found an interesting article on what to do if you are force vaccinated (it appears to be written by a medical doctor).

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