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I’ve been keeping an eye on this – the American Police Force, although it now seems to be known as the American Private Police Force. Heard of it? Does the name sound to you like a bunch of secret squirrel mercenaries who will be hired to….well, who knows what?  It does to me. So off I went to do some snooping around, hoping to find it is an innocent private security firm.

Most references to the APF seem to point to Hardin, Montana and sinister claims that the APF could be the new Blackwater (private military company).  I don’t know too much about Hardin but it sounds like it’s a small, economically depressed town that is struggling to survive. And to survive, the town is looking at the lucrative prison industry.

The Two Rivers Detention Center was built in Hardin in 2007 but has been vacant since then. For some reason I’ve not worked out yet, contracts for housing inmates didn’t happen and the prison could not legally hold out-of-town prisoners. But then along came APF, a California-based company willing to fill up the jail.  And here’s where the mystery begins:

  • no-one seems to know who is APF’s parent company;
  • its website says it has “virtual offices” in Washington, near the White House, but no-one seems to know where;
  • it is alleged that APF’s founder, Captain Michael Hilton, is a convicted criminal;
  • the leasing of the facility appears to be costing APF around US$2.1 million and the source of funding is mysterious;
  • there are hysterical suggestions that the APF has taken over the town of Hardin, turning it into a privately run police state, and that the force is comprised of foreign mercenaries who are training there;
  • there are possible connections between APF, International SOS (a security firm) and Blackwater. This is interesting because International SOS is keeping track of the so-called swine flu pandemic and they are touted as a medical-assistance company (meaning should there ever be forced vaccinations for the swine flu, you know who will come knocking at your door). So is the APF a cover or front for another, larger company?
  • apparently the APF dudes rolled into Hardin in sinister-looking black Mercedes SUVs, bearing the words “City of Hardin Police Department”.

You may know more about all this than me. If so, leave a comment. But sifting through the allegations, it seems that:

  • the US Government is increasingly outsourcing its military and law enforcement capability. There are many private contractors slugging it out in Iraq and Afghanistan and there are questions about their actions and lack of discipline. Let’s face it, you hire mercenaries, you get no loyalty towards the hiring country or its wartime mission. How and when did the US supplant its traditional military with for-profit, private security firms?
  • Blackwater troops were used during Hurricane Katrina.  Heavily-armed “troops” who were more like professional killers than disaster relief personnel caused chaos and alarm (I believe that Blackwater is now known as Xe due to some fancy re-branding exercise);
  • private, civilian armies within the borders of the United States is unconstitutional. They are not accountable to the people through their elected Government. They are accountable only to the power of profit;
  • mercenary forces operate beyond civilian and military law – what is to stop them from turning on the American people?
  • is anyone bothered by this????

I will be looking into this further – is there a link between the FEMA camps, swine flu and APF for example? If you know anything, leave a comment. I’m finding it all pretty sinister.


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