Awaken the spirit

January 1, 2010 at 2:00 am Leave a comment

Happy New Year to all ThinkingShift readers. I think 2010 is going to be year of transformation. I like even numbers, so hasta la vista to 2009. Sydney did its fireworks thing and led the world into the new decade (actually, Auckland NZ really does that). Our Harbour Bridge was once again lit up in spectacular fashion.

The theme for the 2009 12-minute fireworks display was Awaken the Spirit. I think this was an excellent theme to signal that 2010 is about awakening our spirit after a tough year brought on by the global financial crisis. It’s about unity and bringing people together in a time of new beginnings. And of course, indigenous Australians talk of awakening the spirit within the land, water and sky every year. The colour theme was blue. That’s the thing about Sydney: it’s always blue. Bright blue sky with stunning blue sparkling water. To match this, there were some amazing blue fireworks, which is apparently the most difficult colour to create because blue fireworks burn at a very low intensity.

Normally, the Harbour Bridge is festooned with one symbol. My all time favourite being the 1999-2000 “New Millennium” theme displaying the word Eternity in copperplate writing. Eternity was in honour of Arthur Stace – an Aussie reformed alcoholic who converted to Christianity and spread the word by writing Eternity in chalk on footpaths around Sydney.

But to kick off 2010, we chose to use three powerful symbols: the yin-yang symbol, a blue moon and a ring of fire. The blue moon symbol was in honour of the second full moon in the calendar month of December (December 2 and 31 2009).

I stayed home and watched Mad Men (I’m obsessed). I rushed out onto our balcony at 9.00pm to see the blue moon (which seemed more yellow to me) and watch the local 9.00pm fireworks but by 12.00am I was tucked up in bed so missed the midnight display. Boring I know. But I just don’t relish the thought of spending New Year’s Eve jostling with thousands of others trying to get a vantage point to watch the sky light up for 12 minutes. Actually, forget thousands of people – last night’s fireworks attracted over 1.5 million people to the Sydney harbour foreshores.

The fireworks display involved 5000 kg of explosives that cost AU$5 million. This is the only part I question – spending five million on a bunch of explosives that last just 12 minutes when there are many people doing it tough out there. But if it puts us in the right frame of mind to tackle 2010 head on, then maybe it’s spending public money in a beneficial way.

Photo credits: SMH


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