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LOLCats: we’re back!

For my LOLCats fans, I thought I’d do a bit of an update. I continue to explore LOLCats as a cultural phenomenon (and besides, they are cute!). So I thought I’d do a guide to the key LOLCat types. We start off with Ceiling Cat – a cat peeking out from a hole in the ceiling and likened to God:

I believe the original Ceiling Cat image is this one:

You get the idea: God-like, omnipresent.

This is my personal favourite Ceiling Cat:

Then there is Basement Cat, a black cat representing Satan:

And then there is the representation of the eternal struggle between Good and Evil:

Then there appear to be certain LOLCat characters, such as Monorail Cat.

Then we have Long Cat and Slinky Cat:

Instrumental Cat:

And of course, Happy Cat and Serious Cat:

But it seems that depicting cats in human-like situations has a history long before LOLCats. American photographer, Harry Whittier Frees for example, created novelty cards in the early 20th Century. He snapped animals, including cats, in LOLCat-like poses. Here’s one from 1905:

Sources: Wikipedia and


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