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I’ve been sniffing around social networks because I’m thinking of setting up one (no, not a privacy network!). And in the course of my nosing around, I’ve found some interesting networks and visualisers. I came across Social Action, which is an SNA tool. Social Action was used to analyse the social networks of steroid users in major league baseball in the US. And here’s what that network looks like:

There’s examples on the Social Action site of the global Jihad terrorist network and voting patterns of US Senators.

And then I stumbled onto Visual Complexity, which is a fabulous resource for those of us interested in the visualisation of complex networks. There are visualisations of networks ranging over areas such as biology, pattern recognition, knowledge networks, transportation networks and so on. Here’s a fascinating visualisation of the movements of pedestrians in a public space:

I spent several hours on the Visual Complexity site! Check it out, there’s some cool stuff. Enjoy!

SNA map of the steroids network in major league baseball from Visual Complexity.


July 1, 2008 at 2:00 am 1 comment

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